red grouseStuart Scott is a photographer based in the Scottish Borders. Born and brought up in Wales, Stuart spent much of his childhood around animals and birds, as well as exploring the local countryside where he learnt to enjoy and respect the natural world. He developed a keen interest in photography whilst studying for a Fine Art degree, and in the following years used and explored photography in his work.

Stuart Scott Stuart always uses what the camera captures in-situ, relying upon composition, lighting and colour at the location rather than any postproduction changes afterwards. Along with a good field craft skills and huge respect for all types of wildlife, his subjects are always photographed in their natural setting with as little disturbance to them as possible.

Since moving to Scotland Stuart has tried to concentrate his photography to within a few miles of his home. As well as following the local wildlife and exploring the Scottish Borders, he has begun a long-term project on the landscape and life of Lauderdale.

With over 20 years in the digital media industry Stuart is also well qualified to work on business and commercial projects. He has done numerous photographs for individuals, organisations and businesses, and can supply existing work from his image library or be hired to shoot new work.

Fly Agaric In 2014 he was awarded Mammal Photographer of the Year after winning the Mammal Society's Photography Competition. His work has been exhibited in a number of places including with Scottish Natural Heritage, Edinburgh Zoo and the Scottish Sea Bird Centre. Stuart lives near Lauder with his wife and son.